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This website is operated and managed by Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (hereafter referred to as “the TMG Bureau of Environment” or “we”). Before using this website, please read and consent to the following policies and terms. Please also note that the Site Policy is subject to change without notice. We kindly ask you to visit this page regularly to ensure you are always aware of the latest version.

Web Accessibility

This Website aims to comply with Level AA of the Japanese Industrial Standards, JIS X 8341-3 “Guideline for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities—Information and Communications Equipment, Software, and Services—Part 3: Web Content” (hereinafter referred to as “JIS X 8341-3”).

1. Scope
This Site Policy applies to pages on the “TIME TO ACT” website (https://

2. Exclusions
he following will be excluded from the policy goal due to the difficulty of modification.

❶ Contents that have no modifiable data (or cannot be modified)
❷ Parts of images and videos that were created in the past
❸ Services and accompanying contents that were provided by external sources
❹ Contents in PDF, WORD or Excel format

3. Target level
Compliance with Level AA

4. Additional target levels
The following Level AAA success criteria will be included in the target and addressed as far as practicable. No Timing (Level AAA) Flashes (Level AAA)

5. Test result
» Web accessibility test result (in Japanese)

Multi-lingual Policy

This website also operates English for the purpose of providing information on our “TIME TO ACT” initiative to non-Japanese speakers. Clicking on the icon “EN” on the top right corner of the screen will take users to the English site.


The rights with respect to files of text, images, etc. and the respective content on this website in principle belong to the TMG Bureau of Environment. However, the copyright of some text and images is owned by the original author(s). You shall not copy or reproduce any information on this website unless acceptable under the Copyright Law, such as in the case of “reproduction for private use” or “quotations”. When using the information on this website, users must ensure to clearly indicate sources and preserve integrity.


In principle, you are free to make links to pages on this website. Please state explicitly, wherever you set up a link, that it provides a link to the “TIME TO ACT” website. We decline any links set up from websites that potentially harm TMG’s reputation or that contradict the purpose of the “TIME TO ACT” website. Please also refrain from making frame links, whereby the content of this website will be displayed in conjunction with other content.

Legal Matters


• Although we take the utmost care to provide information that is accurate and up to date, we hold no responsibility for any acts that users perform using the information contained on this website.
• We are not liable for any damage or loss incurred directly or indirectly by users due to accessing this website.
• We assume no liability whatsoever for any damage incurred by users due to the interruption of services through this website resulting from website maintenance or force majeure, including but not limited to fire, power outages, natural disasters, viruses, or interference by a third party.
• There is no guarantee of the accuracy or legality of any information contained on linked websites.


he following activities are prohibited in the use of this website:
• Any activity that hinders or creates obstructions to the operation of this website
• Any activity that causes or may cause inconvenience, disadvantage, violations of privacy, etc. to the TMG Bureau of Environment, other users of this website, or other third parties
• Any activity that violates or may violate public order and morality
• Any activity that violates a law, ordinance, or regulation
• Any other activity deemed inappropriate by the TMG Bureau of Environment

Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this website and the interpretation and application of this Site Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

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