Tokyo at COP15, the United National Biodiversity Conference!

Tokyo at COP15, the United National Biodiversity Conference!

On December 13 2022, Tokyo participated in C40 Cities’ “C40 COP15 Urban Nature Accelerator Workshop”, an event held at COP15 Biodiversity in Montreal, Canada.

While local governments from around the world shared their climate change countermeasures, biodiversity conservation goals, and share opinions, the TMG introduced the “Edo-Midori Registered Green Space”, Tokyo’s native species plant registration system which includes efforts to plant native species as well as considering biodiversity conservation when expand private green spaces.

Participants also commented on the need for a mechanism and publicity to spread the significance of the project itself, and introduced examples of planting with native trees promoted by participating municipalities.

This event provided a space for participants to raise questions regarding the green space project, such as whether it’s necessary to provide incentives to participating entities participating in order to expand the initiatives and if it’s necessary to implement a program to convince entities of the importance of this project.

Additionally, Tokyo was introduced to existing projects where local municipalities encourage restoring green spaces with native species and gained valuable insight on potential business development.

Edo-Midori Registered Green Space

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