TMG to Host the Hydrogen Energy Conference for Action
HENCA Tokyo 2023 (11/14)

As the energy and climate crises grow increasingly severe, hydrogen has been widely recognized as an important clean energy resource and a key component in achieving decarbonization goals. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is taking active steps to increase hydrogen demand and accelerate the social implementation of hydrogen energy so that the city may secure a stable energy supply and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.
To accomplish these goals, TMG will invite experts and international city leaders to come share their knowledge, experiences, and insights, to help in bringing about a new global future through energy change.
TMG is proud to be hosting the Hydrogen Energy Conference for Action, “HENCA Tokyo 2023”, as detailed below.
(In addition to the conference acronym, “HENCA” is a play on words, meaning “change” or “transformation” in Japanese.)

【Event name】 HENCA Tokyo 2023
【Time and Date】 Tuesday, November 14, 2023,
from 6:30pm to 8:00 (JST)
【How to View】 YouTube live streaming,
advance registration required
(archive streaming available at a later date)
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